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Moulded skins production: Slush moulding systems.

Haptic and visual highlight: moulded skin from the slush moulding plant

The slush moulding process is used to produce precision-sintered moulded skins: The process, which is also called powder sintering, is mainly used in the automotive industry for the production of skins for vehicle interiors. Pleasant to touch yet robust surfaces with an appealing pattern or grain for door trim, dashboard, glove compartment cover or other trim are created in this way.


Slush moulding: temperature-sensitive process under control

  • The manufacturing process of powder sintering seems simple at first:
  • Preheating the mould (usually made of nickel or aluminium) to up to 300 degrees Celsius.
  • Slush process: applying the plastic powder, which sintered onto the tool wall, rotating and turning the tool so that the liquefied plastic is optimally and evenly distributed and forms a uniform layer (usually between 1 and 1.2 millimetres thick).
  • Pouring out the excess powder from the mould.
  • Gelling: Here, the right temperature control is important – between 155 and 170 degrees Celsius are needed to melt the powder adhering to the mould into a gel.
  • Cooling the mould: Here, too, it is important that the temperature is kept even and that the process is controlled so that the product can finally be removed from the mould cleanly and without leaving any residue.


Perfect results with our slush moulding systems are no coincidence

With rotary slush moulding systems from Reinhardt, you not only achieve perfection in the product, but also lower costs. Your advantages at a glance:

  • Long service life of the slush moulds due to careful heating and cooling: This reduces the material stress.
  • This reduces your costs for the procurement of new moulds: Longer durability increases their service life.
  • Reinhardt systems for slush moulding offer a large frame for mould accommodation, giving you the option of using double or multiple moulds and reduced piece times.
  • You benefit from the high flexibility of the moulds in the system. This gives you the option of using different moulds in circulation at the same time.
  • We achieve a high temperature accuracy over the entire mould through our air heating system, thus achieving a good regularity of the skin thickness.
  • The Reinhardt Slush Moulding System heats and cools very gently with air.
  • The heating temperature is usually only 300° C or less.
  • The service life of galvanos in our Slush Moulding systems is more than 100,000 cycles!
  • Our systems comply with the European CE standards.
  • Our slush moulding systems offer very good protection to the operators, especially in the safety area.


These systems are particularly suitable for use in these industries:

Plastics and polymer industry +++ Automotive industry +++ Aerospace industry +++ Textile and fibre industry.

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