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Moulded skins production: Slush moulding systems._Headerbild

Moulded skins production: Slush moulding systems.

Slush moulding or slush molding-process for the manufacture of precision sintered moulded skins used predominantly in the automotive industry in the manufacture of skins for vehicle interiors.

The skin manufacturing process: Preheating, Slush process, Gelling, Cooling, Demoulding

Applications, e.g.: Instrument panels, Glove box covers, Door panels.

Benefits of REINHARDT Rotary Slush Moulding Systems:

  • Long life of the molds due to gentle heating and cooling.
  • Cost savings in new procurement of molds.
  • Large size frame-Possibility of using double or multiple molds.
  • High flexibility of the molds in the system-Possibility of simultaneous use of different molds in circulation.
  • High temperature accuracy over the entire mold-good skin thickness dispensation.
  • The size of the mold frame is large, so that customers can easily produce different products.
  • The REINHARDT system heats and cools very gently with air.
  • The heating temperature is generally only 300 °C or less.
  • The lifetime of galvanos at REINHARDT-systems is greater than 100,000 cycles!
  • REINHARDT systems meet the European CE standards.
  • REINHARDT offers very good protection for the operators, especially in the area of safety.

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