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Wide range of options: Coatingflex Systems

Reinhardt offers coating systems with a large number of options. Each coating line is designed in close cooperation with the customer.

From the method of feeding the parts, the strict separation and monitoring of batches up to a fully automatic handling of the parts each requirement of the customer can be fulfilled.

Reinhardt’s experience in the design and production of furnaces proves itself in the number of varieties of designing the heat treatment following the coating. Special cooling zones for water based systems up to the cooling of the parts prior to discharging or the next layer coating.

From belt conveyors, pallet ovens up to the unique space-saving multi-layer tray conveyor oven every technology can be offered according to the customer’s demand.

The entire production and software development from one source at Reinhardt ensures options like the automatic refilling and tempering of the dip tank up to the remote servicing of the entire Coatingflex-System.

According to the customer’s need pre- or post- treatment systems can be offered as well.

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