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The solution for your requirement: Industrial oven up to 650 Celcius

Your individual industrial furnace solution

Reinhardt industrial furnaces- reliable solution for your process with precisely controlled heat treatment.

Our industrial furnaces, individually adapted to your needs, are optimally suited for you. In the temperature range up to 650° Celsius, we offer the best solutions for almost all requirements, for example for …

  • Heating
  • Tempering
  • Drying
  • Curing
  • Ageing
  • Solution annealing
  • and much more.

We tailor all these options to your individual space requirements. A wide variety of heating media (electric, gas direct or indirect, oil, etc.) can be used. A Reinhardt industrial furnace that is completely adapted to your needs will provide you with the best results tailored to your production process.

Furnace design for your process chain

Reinhardt industrial furnaces are optimally integrated into your production process in cooperation with you. We manufacture your industrial furnace as …

  • … classic chamber furnace
  • … bell-type furnace
  • … continuous furnace
  • … rotary hearth furnace
  • … hearth bogie-type furnace
  • … tempering furnace

This means that all heat engineering processes can be used. All types of requirements such as lifting doors, kiln cars, conveyor and handling systems can be realised.

Optimum process through proven furnace architecture

A highly developed insulation structure as well as the superior air guidance with different recirculation and exhaust air concepts up to heat recovery guarantee low energy consumption and a high and reliable process safety with highest temperature accuracy. Uniform and stable temperature distribution in particular is crucial for the success of your process – which is why Reinhardt makes no compromises here.

Industry 4.0 requirements such as integration into the customer’s existing IT infrastructure, temperature recording and logging, batch traceability (e.g. with data matrix code DMC) or calibration of the systems according to CQI-9 or AMS 2750 E are also available as options.

Of course, all Reinhardt industrial ovens are designed according to current standards and regulations such as DIN EN 1539, DIN EN 746, DIN EN 17052-1, if required.

These ovens are suitable for use in these industries:

Plastics and polymer industry +++ Automotive industry +++ Metal processing industry +++ Electrical industry +++ Aerospace industry +++ Building materials industry +++ Chemical industry +++ Textile and fibre industry +++ Pharmaceutical industry +++ mining and quarrying industry +++ diecasting industry +++ Energy industry +++ Paint and lacquer industry +++ Glass, enamel and ceramics industry +++ Agriculture and animal feed industry +++ Paper and pulp industry +++ Rim industry.

Please let us advise you!