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Our strength? Our service!

Our vast range of service is supplemented by an outstanding customer service: this includes for example our service hotline for consultations, enquiries, emergencies and basic customer support. Our large spare-parts warehouse and the fast procurement of supply parts ensures the fast reliability of the customers system. Our service team is operating for you 24 hours a day and worldwide.

Service Hotline Phone.: +49 162 26 17 0 61

E-mail: vertrieb@reinhardt.gmbh

Service and Support

A long-term cooperation with the customers assumes a good after-salesservice. No matter whether an emergency, a maintenance or a reparation – a quick, proper and professional handling is the guarantor for smooth industrial and production processes.

Systems optimisation

With a view to efficiency increase, energy savings and increasing the throughput Reinhardt offers optimization and extension for almost all types of systems. To guarantee the competitiveness of our customers it is important to improve the already existing systems continuously.

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