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versatile: heat treatment systems

The following processes are implemented with the proven REINHARDT systems: Solution annealing and aging of aluminum parts (T4-T7), solution annealing and aging of copper alloys (bronze and brass), heat treatment of non-ferrous metals and alloys such as magnesium, brass, copper, aluminum, tempering processes in steel hardening, and preheating before forming processes, e.g.  flow-forming or forging. We have various system concepts:

Hood-type furnace systems, automated batch furnace systems, continuous furnace systems and turntable furnace systems, also multi-storey.

We offer both, water- and air quenching, even in combination. Air quenching for the component is gentler than water quenching. This minimizes distortion in thin-walled parts (structural parts). Water quenching is optimal for thick-walled and heavy components. The components are quenched effectively and gently through process optimization. Space-optimized system concepts lead to space savings at the installation site. The systems are designed for a wide variety of materials such as Aluminum, steel and brass. We develop and implement part-specific handling and transport systems with the customer. We have preheating and tempering furnaces in all sizes and load types. For heating you have the choice between electricity, directly gas-heated, indirectly gas-heated, thermal oil or oil firing.

The special features of the REINHARDT ovens:

Our tried-and-tested air duct ensures rapid heating. Reinhardt air routing system guarantees a high temperature accuracy in the heating and holding phase. The excellent temperature uniformity and heat transfer due to the optimal air flow lead to a reduction in the residence time.

The following standards are met:

  • AIAG CQI-9
  • AMS 2750

A high degree of automation through customer / product-specific handling solutions means shorter cycle times and savings in operating costs.

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