for every possible application: The NEW standard industrial furnaces TITAN_Headerbild

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for every possible application: The NEW standard industrial furnaces TITAN

The new “Titan”-Your standard industrial furnace as a low-cost universal solution.

The newly developed Reinhardt standard industrial furnace series – “Titan” can often be a cost-effective alternative to the customised industrial furnace. The “Titan” by Reinhardt GmbH covers almost all areas of application in heat treatment. The basic idea is a modular system where the furnace can be easily configured for the respective application. Thus, everything from drying powder coatings to heat treatment of metals can be covered with this series. The optional design according to DIN EN 1539 is also possible. The heart of the system are in-house developed energy efficient high-performance turbines, which are available in various performance classes. With their state-of-the-art drives, they are superior to comparable ventilators in terms of efficiency. Together with the large selection of heating elements, a variety of power combinations are possible. Also new are the driveable, optimally insulated oven floor in sandwich construction and a completely revised door design.

Under the motto “less is more”, a more than adequate basic configuration has been created in the electronics. A modern PLC with a wide range of equipment options, such as recipe management or data logging, is also available as an option.

In the temperature range up to 300 degrees Celsius, our standard ovens can be used universally for preheating, tempering, drying, powder/paint drying, curing, etc. The temperature accuracy meets the usual requirements of +- 5°C, but can be increased on request. Of course, all Reinhardt standard industrial furnaces are designed according to the current standards and regulations, e.g. DIN EN 1539, DIN EN 746, DIN 17052-1, if required.

“Titan” series is initially offered in three sizes: 1.4 m³, 3.2 m³ and 6.7 m³. It replaces our “V-series”: Ventus, Venturi and Vortex.

Versatile application: drying and preheating

The design of the standard industrial ovens allows them to be used in heat treatment for processes such as drying of granulates and other materials, but also for paint drying or preheating of parts.

The diverse optional package available for the industrial ovens meets most technical requirements. For you, this means an inexpensive, standardised solution that is nevertheless adapted to your needs. Available options are, for example:

  • automatic switching on and off of the oven
  • recording of the temperature curve
  • various heat treatment programmes
  • suitable charging trolleys
  • and much more

Short delivery times, optimal energy savings and best quality at a top price-performance ratio: These are only a few of the many good arguments in favour of our new “Titan” standard industrial furnace series.

By the way: In an emergency, or when time is short, you can rent an emergency oven from Reinhardt to bridge the delivery time!

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