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Low material usage - best result: coating systems

Since more than 30 years Reinhardt is one of the international market leaders in dip-spin coating systems for zinc-flake systems and is the only supplier who can offer two dip spin technologies for the coating of bulk material, in connection with the necessary dryer/furnace technology.

The universal solution for the coating of bulk material are the basket systems which are known for their short movement distances and their high flexibility.

Reinhardt’s patented drum lines stand out by a soft handling of the material and low drop heights.

The dip-spin lines from Reinhardt are well known for excellent coating results, compact design, fast cycle times and high performances up to 6 tons per hour.

The coating systems can be completed by the Reinhardt dryers/furnaces. They are popular for their even temperature distribution, high performance and long lasting life times!

The close cooperation with the major suppliers of corrosion protection systems such as zinc-lamella systems Reinhardt ensures that Reinhardt always delivers the latest state of the art technology for the application of solvent and water based lacquers.

From the basic price-entry system up to complete turn-key Coatingflex systems Reinhardt offers everything from one source “Made in Germany”.

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