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We value customer relationships, success factors and much more

Customer relationship

The business culture at Reinhardt is characterised by partnership and a close relationship of trust with the customer. This is not only reflected in relationships lasting years or even decades but also in the constructive, economic solutions wich result from them.
Personal commitment combined with modern management are characteristic for the owner-managed company. Awareness for quality and costs as well as a high level of appreciation are part of the core values.

Success factors

Hard work, ambition, know-how, ability and decades of experience are the most important factors in Reinhardt’s success. The adequate balance between progress and economic efficiency lays the foundation – then as now – for a successful future.


“Thinking forward and the proactive costumer support” is the motto at Reinhardt. That’s why we have always valued innovative solutions. It´s no secret that the future needs the past and that innovation is synonymous with competitive ability and advantage. At Reinhardt tradition and innovation is combined to produce measurable success for our customers – both nationally and internationally.


The individual is the focus of our activities. Team spirit, commitment and personal responsibility, arise when work is attractive and demanding at the same time but also when meeting the challenge of creating customer-specific solutions. On this basis each employee at Reinhardt contributes to the company’s success. Goal-oriented, competent and practical.

Quality standards

Reinhardt makes the highest demands with regard to the design and construction of its systems and its commitment to service – and doesn’t mind being measured by them. Since many decades customers from the most diverse range of industrial sectors put their trust in the certified quality, knowledge, experience and not least continuing development and optimisation of our thermotechnical solutions. The success of the customer serves as a benchmark for our high technical and professional standards.


Reinhardt shows its colours and engages not only for customers and employees but also for social projects. As part of a large community we consciously take over responsibility.