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for every possible application: The V-Series_Headerbild

for every possible application: The V-Series

Often, a Reinhardt standard oven can be the favorable alternative to the special industrial ovens. With the V-class product range almost every requirement in heat treatment can be covered at considerable low cost.

A variety of options can cover most of the requirements. This grants a low-cost, standardized and yet tailor made solution for your purpose. Thus, an automatic switch-on and –off of the oven, temperature protocol, different heat treatment programs up to a charging carrier can be chosen. You can use the below configurator to tell us your requirements so that we can do a fast and easy quotation for you.

A short delivery time and the best quality at a favorable price are some good reasons that speak for a Reinhardt oven. In the temperature range of up to 300° Celsius our standard ovens are versatile for the most applications (Heating, Tempering, Drying, Powder Drying, Hardening, etc.).

Of course all Reinhardt ovens are designed according to the actual norms and regulations such as DIN EN 1539, DIN EN 746, DIN EN 17052-1 if required.

By the way, in an emergency you can rent a Reinhardt oven to bridge the delivery time!

VORTEX - the most gentle in its class

There is need for gentle heat transfer? No problem, our Vortex is exactly the right partner. An effective temperature distribution even with a slow flow velocity is achieved through the laterally integrated fan.

VENTURI - the new definition of flexibility

You need fast heating of heavy components today but gentle heating of varnishing on complex geometries tomorrow? All in one furnace? Impossible? Not for our Venturi. Greatest possible flexibility and absolute precision is offered due to the unique (removable) air guides.

VENTUS - the fastest in its class

Uniform warming or drying within a short time? Our nozzle system makes it possible.
Getting high flow velocity on the spot is the recipe for success.

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