The added value in coating

Specialists in dip spin coating systems have significantly improved material flow over recent years with intelligent part guidance through Multivariable Coating Systems – enabling different batches and coating states to be ran simultaneously in one system.

The evaporation, drying and cooling parts of these systems are carried out in the furnaces developed and produced by Reinhardt GmbH.

The renowned manufacturer of industrial furnaces guarantees a perfect air flow with high temperature uniformity at all times. The patented and proven pallet transport system, over several levels, also saves expensive space in the user’s hall, thus saving money.

Since there is only one drum or basket in the medium at a time, considerably less space and material is required during the actual coating process compared to multi-drum systems. The intelligent control of the speed, direction of rotation, and angle of inclination, produces excellent results even with scooping parts.

The coating chamber also features a new air conditioning system, which helps guarantee a more continuous colour quality, as well as helping optimise the redosing. These measures minimise the consumption of the coating media.